Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal- Hair Removal the Easy Way

Tired of shaving? If you have dark, coarse, thick or unwanted hair growth you are the perfect candidate for laser hair removal.

Get ready for spring and summer in sleeveless tops with laser hair removal to the under arms, bikini lines and legs. Year round patients enjoy laser hair removal to other areas to treat unwanted facial hair and arm hair. Popular areas for laser hair removal on men are the neck, back and beard areas.  Men also enjoy getting hair removal on the back of the neck to decrease irritation/breakouts after getting a haircut.

Can it help me?

Laser hair removal also helps patients who suffer from folliculitis- inflammation/irritation surrounding the hair follicles. Patients report a significant decrease to complete resolution of folliculitis in areas treated with the laser.

What should I expect before my treatment?

Prior to treatment patients are given ice packs to decrease discomfort and most patients describe only mild discomfort to areas being treated which patients describe as feeling like a rubber band snapping the skin but say it is well worth it.

Most patients notice a decrease in hair growth and describe “hair falling out” after the first treatment.

How Does it Work?

The laser removes hair from the hair follicle with laser light technology that leads to death of the hair follicle and inhibits future hair growth.  The laser targets the color (melanin) within the hair follicles during the anagen growth phase which is the active growth of phase a hair follicle. It appears that any hair in the anagen phase is permanently injured by the treatment.

Approximately 6 treatments are necessary to treat hair in various states of hair growth. Treatment should be 6-12 weeks apart to allow sufficient time to elapse between treatments to allow hair to re-grow and provide appropriate choromophore (pigment) for subsequent laser treatments.

After The Treatment:

Post treatment, most patients have little to no irritation or redness. If redness/irritation does occur, patients may use a low potency topical steroid prescription to decrease the reaction.

Remember to avoid any forms of hair removal EXCEPT shaving which means, no waxing, electrolysis, hair removal creams or plucking, 6 weeks prior to treatment. Shaving is okay because the hair follicle remains intact under the surface of the skin and an intact hair follicle is needed for laser treatment to work.

Important Things to Remember:

The laser works great on dark hair and any skin type. Unfortunately, it does NOT work on lighter hair so it will not work on blonde, white or grey hairs; the blacker the hair follicle the better.

Laser hair removal is purely cosmetic and NOT covered by insurance.

Get ready for Spring & Summer with smooth hair free skin! Call for your free consult today!