Which Oils Are Best For Your Skin Type?

Are you tired of your moisturizer? Try using natural healing oils instead.  Applying oil to your skin can actually trick your skin into thinking it doesn’t need to produce any more oil.  Also, it can help reduce clogged pores, appearance of acne, and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.  The oils don’t contain any harsh chemicals, so they won’t strip your skip of its natural oils.

Different skin types call for different types of oils.  When applying the oil, it should absorb into your skin. If it looks patchy, or your face appears to be shinier than before, it is not the right type of oil for you.  However, if the oil is absorbed, and your face looks refreshed, dewy, and glowing then you have selected the right one.

For oily skin, it is best to use oils that are high in linoleic acid. When applied topically linoleic acid has been proven to reduce clogged pores by over 25% in just a few weeks when used daily. Some of the oils that contain the most linoleic acid are: Safflower Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, and Grape Seed Oil.

For dry skin it is best to use oils that are high in oleic acid, which are more suited for thirsty skin.  Oleic acid is most effective when used topically and internally, so make sure you are also getting plenty of healthy fats in your diet.  Some of the oils that contain oleic acid are olive oil (cold compressed is best) macadamia nut oil, avocado oil, and canola oil.  Coconut oil and plant butters such as shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, can be used in extreme dry skin cases.

For those of you who have combination skin, you can use two oils if you wish. Or find an oil that contains both a medium of oleic and linoleic acid.  Some of these include sesame oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, and almond oil.  Another great oil to try is jojoba. It is a great moisturizer for all skin types because it closely resembles the natural oils of our skin.

It is necessary to play around with combinations of these oils to see which oils work best for you.  Try them out for at least two weeks at a time.  Pay attention to what your skin is telling you and pretty soon you will have balanced and smooth skin.

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– Dr. Gutierrez, MD