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VooDoo Skin Care & Makeup

Pure & Natural for All Skin Types


This New Orleans based skin care and makeup line not only has a festive vibe but is safe and healing for your skin too!  Created by makeup industry veteran Aimee Carr, Voodoo Makeup has been featured on the runways of fashion shows around the world including New York’s Couture Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. It has been worn and loved by personal care professionals, celebrity makeup artists, hair stylists, politicians, Miss USA contestants, international fashion designers, and many celebrities. The VooDoo Makeup line offers the spectrum of colors from long lasting natural day makeup to transformative and dramatic evening looks!

The Magic is In Our Makeup

VooDoo skin care and makeup products include only the highest quality natural ingredients conscientiously sourced: coconut oil, shea butter, rice brain, micas, oxides, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, zinc, meadowseed oil, rosemary extract, grapeseed powder, rosehip oil, neem, tamu oil, argan oil, and natural oleates not derived from corn.  The natural waxes used include coconut wax, jojoba wax, candelilla wax, and palm wax (very limited amount when used). The preservatives used are Rosemary and Elderberry.  This is not a comprehensive list of ingredients for each product in the line.

All VooDoo products are FREE OF the following: soy, corn, gluten, parabens, phthalates, phenoxyenthol, carmine, talc, synthetic fragrances, synthetic chemicals, bismuth, microparticles, nanoparticles, petroleum, glycols, and beeswax.

VooDoo does not test products on animals, is vegan, and only uses pure and clean ingredients that are Kosher, Organic, or Natural.

If you have sensitive skin or chronic skin conditions, THIS is the makeup line for you to try!

Please visit our Winter Park location to try VooDoo Makeup & Skin Care for yourself!  This is what we currently carry:

Makeup: Coconut Based Foundations with Brushes, Under Eye Highlighter known as “10 Years Younger” with Brush, and Select Face Powders.  

Skin Care coming soon!  Custom developed for the patients of Mid Florida Dermatology: a Daily Facial Cleanser, an Anti-aging Facial Moisturizer, an Under Eye Cream, and a Mask.

Visit for full line details.  At this time, we encourage you to visit their website for lip, eye, and face colors.  Custom colors available upon request!


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